hello & hallo!


So, hello! Wow this really does feel like I’m on some kind of blind date hehe.

I guess I’ll begin with saying a few things about me, right? So, my name is Julia (though many prefer to call me Julie) and I come from a little town on the north-west coast of Poland called Sarbinowo. It’s a pretty wee town, and yet at the age of 5 I was swiftly flown across the north sea and planted in another wee town in the UK, as many immigrants do these days! And here were are; I am now studying A-Level English Literature, German and History and hope to go to University this upcoming autumn.

I’ve always liked writing, so I thought why not start a lil blog? I’m your type of all-over-the-place gal so who knows what this will all be about, but I’m excited to see! A bit of travel, a bit of book-talk, friends, art, photography: all that edgy jazz you see all over fancy instagram pages. Not that I expect an audience, I just frickin like writing.

But, here’s the catch. I am also an aspiring German student soooo some cheeky posts in German (very broken and grammatically incorrect, but still German) will also be making an appearance. One has to practice somehow! (hence the photo thingy at the top, it’s from a trip to Berlin in 2017 which pretty much changed my life, love ya Lauren x)

There are a few things I truly love: my family, my friends (they’re a given), Frank Sinatra, Scotland, Germany (duh shut up now) but most importantly the memories I get to collect along the way; I think they’re the most precious non-physical things any human being can have. Saying that, I often find myself struggling with certain thoughts and memories, and I want to make this ‚blog‘ a little mental journey too, I suppose.

Anyhow, I better get back to writing up an English essay which I actually sat down to do about half an hour ago, and did this instead. That’s ’nuff from me!

Stay groovy,

Julie x